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Our software KiManao analyses and combines people’s personalities, roles, values and ways of working. This helps teams in companies to understand and consciously change their dynamics.

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You see the first step to your MatchManao account

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You see part of the personality analysis


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You see the first step of team creation


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These are our current modules for your team. Some support the existing team and others help to select the right candidate.

For your team
Team Analysis

Team Analysis Recognize your potential

Dive deeper into your potential. Recognize your own team dynamics in the areas of personality, values, roles and working methods and create understanding for your mindful collaboration. With your analysis, you will receive the current state of your team and direct recommendations for action that you can implement immediately. Invite your team now.

127,00 EUR per team member

For your team
Team Development

Team Development Unleash your team potential

Strengthen your team intelligence and effectiveness together. In your team development you will receive concrete exercises for 10 psychological potentials, such as motivation, proactivity and trust. Together you will improve your teamwork and enhance your team satisfaction and performance. Create more employee loyalty and start your development now.

42,00 EUR per team member and month

For your candidates
Candidate Matching

Candidate Matching Identify matching candidates

Identify suitable candidates for your team at the push of a button. We calculate for you, based on the psychological team design, who ideally fits your individual team constellation. Match internal or external talents or use our pool to identify suitable candidates for your team.

215,00 EUR per team member

For your candidates
Candidate Analysis

Candidate Analysis Analyze your candidates

Get relevant information about personality, values, team roles, working methods and communication of your candidates. Compare the most important parameters based on our uniformly calculated criteria in just a few clicks. Based on well-founded information, you make the right decision.

93,00 EUR per candidate

For you

Motive-Structure-Analysis What motivates you?

Motives are the inner causes of behaviour. By understanding a person's motivational structure and making recommendations for action based on this, we give people the tools that are essential for conscious behaviour.

67,00 EUR Per Analysis

“Absolutely valuable - especially for the strategic development of a team as well as for new positions. MatchManao's team design products support you in becoming aware of the dimensions in which the team can and will optimize itself in a targeted manner.”

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6 good reasons

For your success


HR analytics - data-driven HR

Evidence-based human resources management is essential for good teams. Decisions on planning and skills development, for example, can be supported with tangible figures.


Diversity in the workplace

AI-based recruitment tools help to ensure that ethnicity, age, gender, among other factors, are hidden so that candidate:s are selected based on whether their personality, values, roles, and way of working fit the team and the task.


Collective intelligence

In 2021, the focus is on collective intelligence. It is crucial to bring together employees with their respective experiences, competencies, perspectives and qualifications in a meaningful way within the team, so that teams optimally support and complement each other.


Mindful Leadership & Collaboration

At the moment, this team spirit is more important than ever. After all, everyone deals with the pandemic and the associated challenges differently. Strong team building is essential, especially for virtual teams.


Value-Based Recruitment

It is becoming increasingly important to find talent whose personal values, skills, motivation and behaviors match those of the company and to retain them over the long term.


New Work in the Working World 4.0

In order to properly manage virtual teams and make work efficient, managers should rely on artificial intelligence in addition to the obligatory software as well as various communication tools for regular exchanges within the team.

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3 Minuten

Job titles and general professional titles

Why MatchManao builds upon a occupation and competences taxonomy of the European Commission MatchManao shares the vision of the European Commission to facilitate the cross-border …

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5 Minuten

Personnel development. The concept of live-long learning

The Importance of Personnel Development Carol Dweck, an American psychologist and professor at Stanford University, states that people can have a growth or a fixed …

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You are in good company
You are in good company
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