Who we are and what we do

About MatchManao

Good teamwork is important to us. We help to bring the right people together. That is why Alexandra Alex and Urs Merkel founded MatchManao in 2018.

The word Mana’o [mah-nah-oh] comes from Hawaiian and means idea, thought, knowledge and skills. When Hawaiians want to decide something together, they usually ask each other about their Mana’o – their mutual attitude.

We want to establish this kind of mindful cooperation in our daily work with MatchManao. MatchManao ensures the harmony of a team.

Team Design is a matter close to our heart

Up to now, companies have too often occupied working groups without thinking. Those who have time at the moment, join in. But such projects are often doomed to failure. We support you so that this no longer happens.

Our heart’s desire is team design. We find the team members for you who really fit together. These can be employees, applicants and freelancers. Our vision: For each I, the right team. Our goal: A considerate working environment in which empathy and expertise harmonize.

We are:
Alexandra, Urs, Antonio, Daniel, Jan, Rafael, Stefan and Vanessa.

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