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Our Vision:
We find the right WE for every I

We are firmly convinced that we are actively shaping the working world of tomorrow.

We want to help you create a better understanding and awareness for an appreciative cooperation in your company. This way you strengthen your cooperation and ensure better and faster results.

Happy person. Outstanding team.

Our Vision:<br>We find the right WE for every I

Our heart’s desire

Until recently, companies often occupy working groups without thinking. Teams are created based only on people´s availability, not considering essential components. Such projects are often doomed to fail. We don’t want this to happen, so we support you.

Our heart’s desire is team design. We find the team members for you who really fit together. These can be employees, applicants and freelancers. Our vision: For every I, the perfect We. Our goal: A considerate working environment where empathy and expertise harmonize.

MatchManao, that is:



Our founder, originally a designer and account manager. Now she takes care of all the things that come up as managing director besides customer communication.

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Lovingly, we also call him “Algorithm-urs”, because he is the brain of our software. He holds all the threads together and ensures an outstanding result.

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Chief well-being officer

KiManao takes care of our team design. With her help we understand team dynamics, constantly develop ourselves and find new fitting team members.

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The welfare of the people is especially important to Daniel. He doesn’t just want to build any software, but make a difference. And that’s exactly what he’s doing for us.

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Thinking, typing, brooding and always happy when everything works out the way he imagined. Jan has start-up experience and is now developing the core of our platform.

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Team Design Psychologist

The human brain is for Magdalena what the code is for our developers. With numbers, data and heart she fosters the growth of our model and tools.

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Design + Frontend

Our designer, provider of ideas and critic has been with us from the very beginning. Additionally, he is responsible for the development of our frontend. Everything from one source so to speak.

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Platform, database and infrastructure – Stefan connects everything and is always on the top of things. He develops software and ideas from scratch and thinks about every detail.

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Whether new customers, queries, project support or workshop requests, Vanessa is always there for everyone with all her heart and energy.

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He not only knows about technology, but also about psychology. He connects both worlds and brings out the best for and from all of us.

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Über MatchManao

Gute Teamarbeit liegt uns am Herzen. Wir helfen, die passenden Leute zusammen zu bringen. Deshalb haben Alexandra Alex und Urs Merkel 2018 MatchManao gegründet.

Das Wort Mana’o [mah-nah-oh] stammt aus dem Hawaiianischen und bedeutet sowohl Idee, Gedanke als auch Wissen und Fähigkeiten. Wenn Hawaiianer etwas gemeinsam entscheiden wollen, fragen sie sich üblicherweise nach ihrem Mana’o – also ihrer gegenseitigen Haltung.

Diese Art des achtsamen Miteinanders wollen wir durch MatchManao im Arbeitsalltag etablieren. MatchManao sorgt für den Einklang eines Teams.

You share our vision?

Help us make a difference.

We are happy about everyone who is on board. Together we can make a difference.

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