The added value for you

Our software supports you with individually tailored question sets on professional and human competence in employee development and team composition.

Each individual is analysed and receives a personal evaluation. In this way, Team Design creates a new awareness of one’s own personality, values, style, working methods and skills. The software helps with team reflection as well as self-reflection. Your company also gets an assessment of the perfect team composition. Based on this, we match teams that form the best combination for the respective project, as a new team composition or as an extension for existing teams.

MatchManao actively shapes the working world of tomorrow by offering the new way for a more humane and satisfied business world.

Soft facts

  • Increased motivation
  • Promoting potential
  • Automated Culture Fit
  • Happier & more satisfied employees
  • Collegial cooperation
  • Perfect complement in the team
  • Appreciation & recognition
  • faster familiarization with existing teams
  • etcetera

Hard facts

  • Better teams deliver better results faster
  • Lower fluctuation
  • Capacities and resources optimally distributed
  • Open positions filled faster and better
  • Cost and time savings in the search for applicants


With Team Design you incorporate soft and hard facts into the team composition and at the same time consider the individual project requirements to make your team successful. No matter if you are fact-oriented or if you wish for a harmonious cooperation in your company: Team Design is your solution.

The software makes use of science in all functions, providing as much control as necessary and as much security as possible. You convince your environment with facts and create long-term success in your team by keeping everyone in the flow.

Build happier teams

Form teams that have an understanding and awareness of appreciative cooperation and work on their sweet spot, complementing each other both personally and professionally. Because only when everyone is well-rehearsed and their strengths and weaknesses complement each other, can truly great teamwork develop.

The software that works for you

Yeah, it’s the numbers that measure us at the end of the day. Use the dashboard for your team overview and collaboration so that your teams reach their numbers and you can put all your energy into your success.

Humanity in digitalization?

We are using digitization to put people back in the center of attention. With our software we help you and your team with very human and important topics: Developing and promoting personalities. By combining the latest technology with tried and tested scientific methods, TeamDesign creates an atmosphere of well-being in the style of New Work.

Science that creates knowledge

TeamDesign supports your gut feeling and provides you with the facts. Using scientific, psychological criteria and machine learning, our algorithm calculates teams that are optimally composed in terms of interpersonal and professional skills.

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