Sign up, fill it out, get going. It’s that simple. For us, the human being is the centre of attention. This means that everything starts from a single user account.

For you

  • Log in, let yourself be guided by our intuitive user flow (5min questionnaire) and have a look at your personality evaluation.
  • Get even deeper insights into values and working methods with the extended questionnaire.

For teams

  • Are you a team leader, client or simply part of a team? Then you can book a team reflection for yourself within your own profile to solve current problems and promote your long-term development.
  • You need short-term support or new team members? Then use the information from the team reflection and get new employees and freelancers on board via our team expansion. Or let your own candidates join your team-match to determine the right fit.
  • A completely new project? With our team structure you can make project requirements, have them validated and use them to make suggestions for suitable teams from your employees, freelancers or candidates.

How does it work?

The algorithms of our Manao-KI use scientific, psychological criteria and machine learning to calculate interpersonal heterogeneous and technically optimal teams. Composed of your employees, applicants and freelancers you start your team design, or you use our pool of talents.


With good team work many points play together. That’s why good teams are more successful, faster, more efficient, more cost-saving. But at the same time they are also more harmonious, they complement each other and develop their own team flow.


Sure – data is a sanctuary. That is why we protect it with all possible technical means. All evaluations can also be presented anonymously and each individual decides how much of himself to reveal without influencing the result. We know: safe is safe is safe is … Much benefit, little cost? For price coordination please contact In our closed beta phase we still have individual price agreements with the testers. After that you will find our price model under: Pricing

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