We talk all the time about teams and good cooperation, so of course we don’t want to hide who and what makes up our team. And yes, we have all “matched” ourselves. The list is sorted alphabetically and is not to be understood in a judgemental way.



Alex is our founder, originally a designer and account manager, she now takes care of all the things that come up as managing director besides customer communication.



He is not only familiar with technology, but also with people’s minds. As a developer with a degree in psychology, he connects the worlds and the development teams at our company.



The welfare of the people is especially important to Daniel. He doesn’t want to build just any software, he wants to make a difference with it. With his expertise in questionnaires, mental health assessment and surveys he is not only very important to us in human terms.



Jan is one of those people who likes to dig deep into things and tackle the most basic problems in development. Thinking, typing, brooding and always happy if everything works out the way he imagined it would. Jan has grown with us through his start-up experience and is now helping to develop the core of the platform.


Design + Frontend

Our designer, provider of ideas and criticism, has been with us from the very beginning. As an expert for “User Interfaces (short UI)” and “User Experience (short UX)”, his main concern is to make sure that all users find their way to matching and feel great on the way. Additionally he is responsible for the development of our frontend. Everything from one source so to speak. He gained his experience through various projects as a freelancer and in agencies.



Platform, database and infrastructure. Stefan is the one who connects everything together and still keeps the overview. With him you develop software and ideas from scratch and think about every detail.



Lovingly we also call him “Algorithm-urs” because he is the heart behind the AI. Through the combination of Data Science, Business Growth Development, Organisational Behaviour and Psychometrics he is our “Brain for the Job” and through skills like Growth Hacking and Recommendation Engine he develops the product from pure idea to vision.



Our dear Vanessa’s ears are glowing, because she is usually on the phone or at customers’ premises. Whether new customer, queries, project support or workshop requests, Vanessa is always there for everyone with all her heart.


We want to create with you a better understanding and awareness for an appreciative cooperation in your company. This way we can strengthen the cooperation and ensure better and faster results.

We want you and your team to get to your sweet spot, so that you complete each other both humanly and professionally. Because only when everyone is well-rehearsed and complement each other in their strengths and weaknesses, truly great cooperation is created.

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