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Your investment for your<br>future-proof team
For your team
Team Analysis

Team Analysis Recognize your potential

Dive deeper into your potential. Recognize your own team dynamics in the areas of personality, values, roles and working methods and create understanding for your mindful collaboration. With your analysis, you will receive the current state of your team and direct recommendations for action that you can implement immediately. Invite your team now.

127,00 EUR per team member

For your team
Team Development

Team Development Unleash your team potential

Strengthen your team intelligence and effectiveness together. In your team development you will receive concrete exercises for 10 psychological potentials, such as motivation, proactivity and trust. Together you will improve your teamwork and enhance your team satisfaction and performance. Create more employee loyalty and start your development now.

42,00 EUR per team member and month

For your candidates
Candidate Matching

Candidate Matching Identify matching candidates

Identify suitable candidates for your team at the push of a button. We calculate for you, based on the psychological team design, who ideally fits your individual team constellation. Match internal or external talents or use our pool to identify suitable candidates for your team.

215,00 EUR per team member

For your candidates
Candidate Analysis

Candidate Analysis Analyze your candidates

Get relevant information about personality, values, team roles, working methods and communication of your candidates. Compare the most important parameters based on our uniformly calculated criteria in just a few clicks. Based on well-founded information, you make the right decision.

93,00 EUR per candidate

For you

Motive-Structure-Analysis What motivates you?

Motives are the inner causes of behaviour. By understanding a person's motivational structure and making recommendations for action based on this, we give people the tools that are essential for conscious behaviour.

67,00 EUR Per Analysis

“Finally a platform where I not only find someone who is suitable for my project on paper, but where the people behind it are also considered.”

Inga Steuwe MatchManao
Inga Steuwe
Koakult GmbH

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Clearly, the team analysis is computed based on a wide range of scientific findings on the dynamics of groups, cognitive diversity in teams and current findings on collective intelligence.

In addition, we iteratively integrate all insights provided by KiManao, our algorithm. Fundamental theories on which our approaches are based are the five-factor model, the HAPA model for behavior modification from health psychology research, and self-developed models of communication and functioning.

Our instrument is gradually revised and improved based on new scientific findings from psychological research and our own research projects.

The MatchManao Team Design is the optimal combination of the members of a team in the areas of personality, values, team roles, working methods and communication. Within a team it is good to have diverse character traits in order to be able to illuminate tasks from as many views as possible.

In this way, a team can find the best solutions. Teams whose roles complement each other have the ability to respond well to many different situations. In contrast, values, working methods and communication are more about similarity among team members. A team can act better as a unit if it is similar in its values, chooses a similar approach in the way it works depending on the tasks, and communicates as consistently as possible.

As a result, good team design encourages different approaches to problem solving, as team members complement each other in their way of thinking. Conflicts can be resolved more quickly and the focus is on achieving goals. The calculation in the alignment of teams is the same in the basic building blocks. However, the ideal composition always depends on the team size and the context in which a team is located.

The personality analysis is the basis of MatchManao. For this, you go through an initial short questionnaire, which takes about five minutes of your time. For the detailed questionnaire you need about another 25 minutes.

The evaluation of a team analysis takes only a few seconds. For this, all team members must have completed the detailed personality analysis, as this is the basis of the team analysis. Our recommendation is to take at least one hour together in the team for the evaluation – for example within a small workshop, for which MatchManao provides a workbook for support.

The team development contains ten modules. Each module effectively takes around two hours of processing time. This is a long-term development offering that can be flexibly run over several months.

The duration of the candidate matching and candidate analysis corresponds to the duration of the application process and runs in parallel until the decision is made.

The candidate matching supports the applicant selection and provides a team analysis with the new employee again at the end of the application process. Here, at least one hour of time should be taken in the team for the evaluation.

Yes, and in addition, supporting analog companion materials are provided. On request, MatchManao is also happy to give a workshop remotely or on-site.

We pay attention not only to the basic data protection regulation, but also to ethical principles. We consider the principles of the German Society for Transactional Analysis to be particularly important.

MatchManao offers a 15% discount to non-profit organizations and charities. To claim the discount, sign up for free. Just write an email to our founder (contact us) and include your username and a link to your organization’s website.

Very simple: you will receive an invoice from us which you please pay as soon as possible.

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