Your investment for a
happier team

We make our prices transparent for each and everyone. Our prices are as individual as you and your team.

Why do we make our prices transparent? Because we believe transparency to be fair and fairness to be an essential part of a just and great world for everyone. And that is all we want.



Your investment for a<br>happier team
For you

Personality Analysis

Get to know yourself and your potential better.

Once you have completed our questionnaire, you will receive a detailed analysis of your personality and values. The recommendations for action form the basis for your personality development.

free of charge Forever. We promise.

For your team

Team Analysis

Figure out how to get your team to the top.

The entire team is analysed in terms of their personalities, values, roles and working methods. We provide you with an analysis of your current situation and suggestions to improve in your way of working as a team.

72,00 EUR Per employee

For your candidates

Candidate Matching

We'll tell you who's right for your teams.

We calculate which candidates are best suited based on your team constellation. Match applicants, employees and freelancers quickly and easily to achieve maximum success with suitable teams. Use your own candidates or our talent pool.

350,00 EUR + 36,00 EUR Per employee

For you

Personal development

Explore what's inside you.

We deal with monthly changing topics such as trust, communication or mindfulness and thus offer you a comprehensive personality development. How do we do this? We ask you the right questions and help you to find the right answers.

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For your team

Team Development

Unleash your team potential.

In your team development, we extend the individual personality development by the team perspective. We reach a new level by putting the collective in the center. Because we know: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And we help you become great, wholy. A great team with happy people.

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For your candidates

Candidate Analysis

Make the right decision.

Soon available. We promise.

You have a flood of professionally well suited applicants and now you want to find the one who complements you best? We help you to make the right decision. Find the experts who really suit you.

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Register, fill out the questionnaire, take in your personality evaluation, complete your profile, invite colleagues for your team development or match your team with applicants, freelancers or both. The algorithms of our Manao-KI calculate interpersonal heterogeneous and professionally optimal matching teams by means of scientific, psychological criteria and machine learning.

Why MatchManao?

In good cooperation many points play together and depending on the project, the different skills and diversity of the team members are important. That’s why teams that are put together on the basis of individual constellations are more effective, more efficient and the costs of failure are reduced. At the same time such teams are more harmonious, complement each other and develop their own team flow.

We pay attention not only to the basic data protection regulation, but also to ethical principles. We consider the principles of the deutschen Gesellschaft für Transaktionsanalyse to be particularly important.

MatchManao offers a 15% discount to non-profit organizations and charities. To request the discount, sign up for free. Just write an email to our founder (contact us) and include your username and a link to your organization’s website.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and direct debit.

‚‚MatchManao delivers what start-ups need: a team development solution tailored to the respective company situation at absolutely fair conditions.''

Benedikt Stallmann MatchManao
Benedikt Stallmann
CEO u:benit GmbH
Money's tight right now?

Money's tight right now?

No worries. We want to make our products accessible to everyone. No matter where you come from or what your story is. The main thing is that you want to work on yourself and lead a happier life.

We expect only two things in return:

  1. Give us feedback and agree that we may share it on our website and channels
  2. Write us a short or long email and tell us your story and why you want to work with MatchManao

We look forward to your story!

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Our Products

Everything begins with and about you

Happy people

Using psychologically sound and scientific models we create your personality profile. Our recommendations for action support you in becoming a happier person.

Start your personality analysis

Outstanding teams

Our algorithm calculates how you are composed and what is important to each of you. Our recommendations will help you to become an outstanding team.

Analyze your team

Perfect “matches”

Based on the existing team constellations, we calculate which candidates best complement your team. Match candidates, employees and freelancers to advance your team.

Learn more about our candidate matching

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