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Find out how to get
your team to the top.

The entire team is analysed in terms of their personalities, values, roles and working methods.

We provide you with an analysis of your current situation and suggestions to improve in your way of working as a team.

You get:

  • Your individual team evaluation
  • Your individual recomreporting for action

Analyze your team How much is it?
Find out how to get<br>your team to the top.

Team Analysis

You will receive an overview from us, in which your personalities, values, roles, way of working and way of communicating are presented.

You will also see your potential, the skills in your team, the tools you use and numerous recommendations on how to reach your full potential.

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Recommendations for your team

For each area (see team analysis) you will receive concrete recommendations for action from us. These support you in developing your potential and becoming an outstanding team.

Create your Team

You are in good company


To make existing teams work even better together.

We analyse your team and recommend concrete steps on how to improve collaboration, communication and productivity. The team analysis shows you your specific team constellation and makes your way of collaboration tangible.

How big is your team?

If you have more than 42 team members, please send us an e-mail.
We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.


144,00 EUR *


Team member

* The prices shown do not include all applicable taxes and fees, which are added to the cost of all services purchased.

Money's tight right now?

Money's tight right now?

Not an issue, because we want to make our products accessible to everyone. No matter where you come from or what your story is. The main thing is that you want to work on yourself and lead a happier life.

We expect only two things in return:

  1. Give us feedback and agree that we may share it on our website and channels
  2. Write us a short or long email and tell us your story and why you want to use MatchManao

We look forward to your story!

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