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Your team development
starts with each individual

Explore what is within you and unleash your potential. Your digital journey for 12 months of team development.

In order to improve yourself as a team, it is helpful to work on your individual potentials in the first step. Because the team consists of the personalities, abilities, values, roles and working methods of the individual team members. They make you what you are, they strengthen you.

Together you will deal with topics such as trust, communication and resilience and our online program will accompany you in your development across 10 focus topics and 2 in-depth modules.

Only if we work together in the best possible way can we achieve outstanding results and have fun at the same time.

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Your team development<br> starts with each individual

Your Journey

Your team development is as individual as your team.

It is about your journey, one of your steps determines the next one. Your team development should be as individual as you are unique as a team. We will guide you on different levels to different depths, whereby you can help determine the depth.

Your interactive workbook will accompany you on your journey: Work alone and in your team on the individual aspects of your cooperation, your satisfaction and your work performance. Our digital mentor will provide you with various tools, methods and working materials.

Your progress will be scientifically measured and your work satisfaction and performance will be assessed. You start with your current position, which we survey scientifically. Then we give you the opportunity to let inspirations take effect on you and develop your motivation. The team tools bring your individual aspects into the team context.

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10 focus topics and 2 advanced modules for your team development

Your Digital Mentor
with flexible schedules

Team development based on scientific models

Your measurable successes
in personnel development

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We develop you further in the areas of trust, communication, mindfulness, motivation, self-efficacy, learning ability, proactivity, responsibility, emotional intelligence and resilience. Two advanced modules consolidate your learning process and the scientific framework of your development shows you concretely where you stand.

Our team development includes the personality development of each team member as a basis. Because we know: collective change begins with each and every one of you. Based on this we focus on you as a team as a second step and you develop your potential together.

We say, Happy person, an outstanding team.

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Your long-term change

Changing behaviour patterns is difficult. We have a plan that will support you optimally in your development. For each focus topic you will get an inspiring reading, space for reflection, accompanying audio recordings, ideas and suggestions.

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