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Personality development, team development and cooperation are already very large subject areas on their own. Artificial Intelligence, Psychological Constructs and Technical Security Principles are added to our list.

Therefore, our magazine mixes motley between different authors, different topics and different writing styles. We like to learn a lot and we like to pass on a lot. That’s why we look forward to feedback on what you particularly like.

We share interesting facts
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Job titles and general professional titles

Why MatchManao builds upon a occupation and competences taxonomy of the European Commission MatchManao shares the vision of the European Commission to facilitate the cross-border …

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Personnel development. The concept of live-long learning

The Importance of Personnel Development Carol Dweck, an American psychologist and professor at Stanford University, states that people can have a growth or a fixed …

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Die Dolce-Vita-Strategie

The Dolce Vita strategy

Loredana Meduri and Alessandro Spanu know the secret of tomorrow’s working worlds and what it means to inspire people. Work culture is undergoing a radical transformation. That is why it is imperative to break up and abolish encrusted structures.

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The Culture Map

The Culture Map

Intercultural relationships are strongly influenced by the way we communicate. If it takes a lot of background information to understand the situation, we are in a high-context culture. If we understand information directly in context, we are in a low-context culture.

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Happy Happy Methode

Happy Happy Method

This method focuses on the needs of the individual. That’s how you come to an agreement with (almost) everyone. The nice thing here is that this does not involve any compromises, but genuine win-win situations. Or in other words, everyone is happy happy. Heard as Blink at Blinkist.

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Das unendliche Spiel

The endless game

Away from clear, delineated games, like soccer or the game of Monopoly, there is another kind of game. Simon Sinek has been studying these infinite games: He describes a business strategy based on game theory that ensures long-term success?

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Say no

Sometimes you just have to say no. But how do I say no without feeling guilty afterwards? How do you listen to your needs when the expectations of others scream much louder? halloklarheit wrote a great article about this.

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