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We shape the
(working) world of tomorrow

Everybody is talking about New Work and as a cornerstone it needs an appreciative cooperation. Together we create a more human and personal business world.

In addition to the important business perspective, you can now consider another dimension: You focus on your employees so that they fit your company culture, team spirit and way of working.

You’re nurturing talent and guiding each person’s individual journey. At the end of the year, we all know what that means for your numbers!

We shape the<br>(working) world of tomorrow

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MatchManao Fuer Dich

For you

  • Create your MatchManao account, let us guide you through our intuitive questionnaire (about 30min) and see your personality evaluation.
  • Use our recommendations for action in everyday life to gain more self-efficacy and become aware of yourself and your individual abilities.
  • Start your personality development and explore what’s inside you. We will ask you the right questions and help you find the answers that are right for you.

Start your personality analysis now

MatchManao Fuer Teams

For teams

  • Our team development products help you and your team become outstanding. Through a better understanding of your personalities, values, roles, and ways of working, you can continually evolve.
  • Furthermore, we can help with the question of who fits you and your team. For example, do you have too many applicants and too little time? Contact us and get your exclusive access to your matching.
  • Start your team development and unleash your team potential. We’ll help you become a happy, high-performing team.

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MatchManao Clear and Simple

and simple

Quick and easy management in your dashboard. So you keep track of your personal and your team development.

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MatchManao Small Invest

A Small Invest
for a happier team

Our prices are as individual as you and your team. We do our best to keep them as simple as possible. Check out our pricing page to find out everything.

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MatchManao Works Council

Works Council

We have developed our software so that works councils can use our products with a clear conscience. This has been very important to us from the very beginning.

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MatchManao Made For You

Made like
made for you

We interface with your applicant database and make a wide variety of integrations possible


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MatchManao Software

The software,
that works for you

With our software, we help you and your team by combining the latest technology with long-proven, scientific methods.

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MatchManao Safe

Safe and

Your data is your sanctuary. All evaluations are presented anonymously and each individual decides how much of themselves to reveal.

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